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Welcome to Vista Hill SmartCare BHCS.

SmartCare Behavioral Health Consultation Service (BHCS) offers real time access to psychiatric and behavioral health treatment consultation for Pediatric Primary Care Providers and their designated staff.

As a parent, if you have any concerns about your child’s behavioral health, you may contact your Primary Care Provider and ask for SmartCare BHCS services, or contact SmartCare BHCS directly for assistance in locating behavioral health services in your area.

The SmartCare BHCS Clinical Team of Board Certified Child and Adolescent Psychiatrists, Certified Nurse Practitioner, Licensed Behavioral Health Clinicians and Educators are here to take your call Monday-Friday, 8:30 am-4:30pm.

SmartCare BHCS services are funded by the County of San Diego Behavioral Health Services. All SmartCare BHCS services are available in English and Spanish and are FREE to providers and the families they serve.

SmartCare BHCS provides remote episodic consulting services that are not intended to, nor can, replace the management or direct patient care which remains with the healthcare provider seeking the consultative advice. SmartCare BHCS does not provide direct patient care and relies on the information provided by the primary care provider to offer assistive guidance, information and advice. SmartCare BHCS does not prescribe medications. The management, follow-up, and any reporting of the patient’s condition or treatment remains with the healthcare provider seeking consultative advice. If the patient’s symptoms, or efficacy of treatment, are unclear, referral of the patient for direct observation by a specialty mental health provider is recommended.